Best places to watch sunrise in Italy.. Buon Giorno, Italia!

Witnessing a beginning of a brand new day at Giardini-Naxos, Sicily

Standing by the beach in twilight,

listening to the sound of waves washing onto the shore,

soothed by the cries of the seagulls

that break the silence of approaching dawn,

waiting in anticipation of the rising of the sun,

a sight ever so magical and inspiring…

As the saying goes: Yesterday's history, tomorrow's mystery, today is a gift. 

The first light of dawn that breaks the darkness evokes a gift of new hope 
and a fresh start to a new day.
Another day ends from the moment the sun sets till it disappears beyond
the horizon; a time of reflection on the history and to look forward to 
the next mystery.

To catch one of the most magnificent sunrises and sunsets, head to the coastal
areas or highlands; be awed by the exceptional views along the coast 
in the South and along the Italian riveria stretching from the French 
border to La Spezia. 

Here's a look at some of the beautiful sunrise moments captured over at
Giardini-Naxos, where the Greeks first cast their shadows and established 
their colony in Sicily.

When the sky is half twinkling with stars and all is calm

As the stars fade into the brightening sky

The sky bursts into a beautiful mix of orange-red colors; the sun like a distinct fireball in the distance slowly revealing her presence like a shy lover

Sunrise over a city is just as beautiful, emphasizing the zest of the city as the next photos of Verona
show. Can you hear the city waking up too? The clatter of plates and cups during breakfast,
the sounds of heels made by hurried footsteps, the chatter of schoolchildren or the news from the radio?

Sun waking up over city of Verona in a pale yellowish-orange sky

City of Verona and the mountains beyond shrouded in mist at sunrise, with dusty peach and blue sky as the backdrop. Have you noticed a flock of birds flying in V-formation in the photo?

The sky becomes brighter each minute and Verona wakes up to a new day

If getting up before daybreak to catch the sunrise is a challenge,
how about making a point to watch the sunset? Stay tuned to my next article for the
best places to see beautiful sunset.

Share with us your impressions!

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