Looking for love in Italy (Part 1) – Eat, Pray, Love Italy

Ask anyone which is the most romantic city in Europe? Very likely you will not get any names in Italy. This is because this question often conjures up in most people’s minds, the image of a young couple kissing in front of the Eiffel tower. All thanks to successful marketing!

However, there are many places in Italy which are over-looked or under-rated  for their romantic, lost-in-time ambience. Be charmed by the top 6 most romantic towns or cities which I am about to introduce to you in this third and last part of EAT, PRAY, LOVE Italy!

1) Towns along Amalfi Coast 

These towns are established along the Amalfi coast, high up on the cliffs or just next to the coast, with to die-for views of the sea, sky, volcanos, mountains, sunrise and sunset.

At one of the small towns next to Sorrento along Amalfi Coast, watching the sun sets

Many hidden lovely spots to enjoy some quiet moments, and at the same time, to appreciate the beautiful view overlooking the Gulf of Napoli and Gulf of Salerno with that special someone!

What’s interesting is, even during peak tourism period, the towns along Amalfi coast still exude romance and charm which most over-populated places lack of.

The small, sloping and winding lanes through the towns. Music played by street performers fills the air.  Chill out at an alfresco bar or have a casual dinner where you can watch the world pass by at the end of the evening?

Alfresco dining in the eateries found in the small lanes of Sorrento and be serenaded by the music played by the street performers

2) Rome, where a great history took place in the world’s civilisation

When a crimson tide washes over the blue sky at sunset, get yourself lost among the great and magnificent roman ruins; be part of the silhouettes of these majestic ancient structures that are emphasized against the sky.

At dusk with the crowds gone, the Roman Forum seems ethereal

The most beautiful part of a city or town is usually characterised by a river that runs through it.  A stroll along the Tiber river that flows through the heart of Rome is a pleasant experience that is also rewarded with beautiful views as far as the St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.

Watch as the city falls slowly into darkness,

Sunset in Rome is a beautiful moment especially by the Tiber river, where the silhouette of the St Peter's Basilica forms against the dimming sky

and as the lights come on, casting reflections of the bridges on the river. The whole area seems to have totally transformed into another place belonging to another period!

Take a walk across the many beautiful bridges in Rome;  the most beautiful being Ponte Sant’Angelo (Bridge of the angels) lined with handsome statues that leads to the grand Castel Sant’ Angelo.

Finally, end the evening stroll with a gentle kiss underneath one of the lamp posts on the bridge.

Bridge of Angels where magnificent statues lined both sides of the most beautiful bridge in Europe

3) Ortigia in Sicily

This small island that is linked to Siracusa is characterised by its tiny streets and back lanes of the buildings. Just walking around the island and get yourself lost in the tiny lanes is already a romantic experience!

Finding love along one of the small streets in Ortigia

Or how about taking a stroll by the coast of Ortigia? Or simply find a quiet spot to sit and enjoy the fresh air and each other’s company!

When it seems that there are the 2 of you left in this island, sitting against the backdrop of the sea and a lamp-post

5 thoughts on “Looking for love in Italy (Part 1) – Eat, Pray, Love Italy

  1. I agree about Rome and Amalfi Coast. There’s just something really beautiful about being somewhere where the culture and the buildings tell you something about the past.

    Sicily is my next destination. Hopefully I’ll make it there next year. What’s yours?

    • Hello Chris!
      Sicily is really different from what we hear .. you will see for yourself when you are there…
      I will be writing more articles on the different places in Sicily I was at… and I will be most glad to offer you some suggestions if you like!
      Hope to hear from you soon!


    • sounds good. looking forward to hearing about what you think about Sicily. My friends recently went and they put up a vid on youtube. The waters look so beautiful! from their vid, it reminded me a bit of Cinque Terre 🙂

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