Autumn in my heart – LUCCA, Tuscany, (1) a quaint bougeois walled town and a quaint hotel

I will never forget the wet welcome I received when I arrived at Lucca, a small but middle-class Tuscanian walled-town just an hour odd train ride from Pisa.

It was pouring heavily and it was almost impossible to attempt to walk from the train station to my hotel, located within the walls of Lucca. Needless to say, being there for the first time in my life, I was not familiar with the route nor sure how long it would take me to arrive there by foot. Faced with the daunting fact that it was raining cats and dogs, and the need to struggle with my baggages, umbrella and the map, I decided to hop into a cab that just pulled up at the front of the station. It was a pure relief! I gave the hotel’s address to the driver and it took me about close to 15mins to get to there, as there was a little heavy traffic. The short ride cost me 7 euros. Is that cheap or what?

This was the hotel where I was staying and it simply blew my mind away! Stepping into the warmth of the hotel, I was so happy that my luggage accidentally slipped off my wet fingers! BOOM! What a loud announcement that I had arrived! 🙂

The receptionist who attended and checked me in was very friendly and helpful. He showed me to the room, helped me with the luggage. I was so taken by the decor and wall paintings inside the room, which he explained they were painted by his friend. Quaint!

Here’s a glimpse of the hotel and the room.

Exterior of the boutique hotel

Hotel's reception. Thanks to the rain outside, it felt so warm being inside the hotel!

Having a sumptuous breakfast in the small corner of the reception area

Notice the paintings on the walls? Is like living in the countryside with its views just next to your bed! The bed was so comfortable for 1 person.

The walls of the room was all painted with nice paintings of the Tuscan countryside

After settling my stuff and myself in the room, I really felt thankful for the rain as that meant I could remain inside the cosy room for a while more till it stopped.

Lucca, a well-preserved walled town with a nice promenade of trees built on the ancient walls where families,  individuals and friends hang out for walks, exercises or picnics while enjoying the beautiful view of the distant mountains and its environs.

The rain stopped and I took a walk at the park on top of the walls that span 4km. The air was so fresh and crisp that got me awaken suddenly. Such blessings. There weren’t many people, just a few families, students, a few individuals, and 1 tourist family. Such peace. It was beautiful and calm. I began to fall in love with this town.

Outside Porta San Pietro, you can see the ramparts of the medieval walls that surround Lucca, to protect against during those days, Florence's attack.

Porta San Pietro, one of the 6 gates into the historic town centre. To reach to the park above, I climbed up some stairs at the side.

View of the tower of Cathedrale of San Martino from the park

Promenade lined with green trees. Each portion of the park has different types of trees with different colors of leaves.

View of the distant mountains and the outer path of the park above the walls

What can I say? Autumn has arrived! So beautiful colors.

I love autumn as I find that it is the most colorful season with the leaves changing colors as the weather turns cooler

After the downpour and at about 4.30pm, there really were not many people around at the park. People in Lucca mostly cycle

Defensive walls and structure within the walls

It looks like some prison

The little bridge that was not meant to be. It is the rooftop of the rooms below


2 thoughts on “Autumn in my heart – LUCCA, Tuscany, (1) a quaint bougeois walled town and a quaint hotel

    • Hi Debra,

      Thank you so much for your well-wishes. It stopped raining in the 1st afternoon I arrived and weather was great after with sun 🙂

      Lucca is indeed one of the most beautiful, safest and cleanest towns in Italy.

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