Experience Italian hospitality at their best

This is a really tough fight because each has their own good points and charm. But to be really frank, there are 3 winners based on the following criteria in no order:

  • location
  • interior design of the house/appartment/rooms
  • hospitality of the host(s)
  • services provided in the price paid for the room
  • price of the room

Before we go into the winners, let us look at some helpful tips that will aid you in choosing the right B&B for your future trips.

Why choose a B&B?

B&B offers a localised experience with a personal touch, whereby one gets to stay with a local host and be engaged in meaningful conversations that will increase one’s understanding of the place and her people, and plentiful of helpful suggestions on what to see, eat and do.

Unlike a hotel or a commercialised lodging, B&Bs usually are the apartments or houses which the host also live in, or live close to, hence they take pride in keeping the place clean and comfortable to allow guests to feel good. Service comes from their heart and it is nice to have someone whom you can approach for any advice or help if needed. It can be a good way to experience how do locals live and see the architectural as well as historical aspects of the buildings.

Also, incidents of theft are definitely much higher in hotels as  all sorts of toms, dicks and harrys can pose off as one of the employees or guests, and it is not alarming that even some of the employees themselves are dishonest. Whereas in a B&B, the host’s reputation is at stake and there are not too many culprits to suspect.

How does one determine which B&B to stay?

The best website that I find is Tripadvisor where the reviews by past clients are more or less credible and there are photos posted by the reviewers of the B&B that are crucial in forming an impression of how the B&B kind of looks like. Once the photos and the reviews seem favorable, the next step will be to search for their website and contact the B&B for room availability and price. However, don’t be fooled by the number of reivews a B&B has. Some real gems simply may not have that many reviews written. In general, going by the tried and tested logic, most people would prefer those with more reviewers in order to feel more assured.

Since the previous article was on Sestri Levante, I would like to introduce to you this wonderful B&B which I fell in love with after seeing photos of it and the great reviews about the place and the host on Tripadvisor.com … B&B PIAZZA ITALIA (http://www.bbpiazzaitalia.it/en/). Not surprising that it is the top B&B in Sestri Levante. The photos here serve as a testimony of my wonderful and unforgettable stay there, and I look forward to be back again, and be pampered.

I asked Alessandro, the amiable owner who has a natural flair for interior design, to share about his experience in setting up and running the B&B, and what motivates him to always keep that smile and energy despite at times, is a tough job, especially when he has to do the house-keeping after guests checked-out.

“I started out as a cook in a hotel for about 20 years.  It was over this period of time there that I ‘breathed the atmosphere of the hotel’. That was where my desire to offer something different and more refine on the land of Sestri Levante developed.

So about 10 years ago, I opened my first B & B “CA ‘DU ALE” (http://www.caduale.it) which is a couple of kilometers from the city center. Though it is a simple place, careful attention is given to every single aspect of hospitality in order to ensure our guests have an enjoyable stay. But, I desired to do more, like something that can combine historical value with genuine hospitality.

And so about 4 years ago, I decided to open the doors of another house that is part of the history of Sestri Levante, to all who love refined beauty and  wish to experience the simple life and spirit of Sestri Levante’s town, nature and people. Here at B&B Piazza Italia, is where elegance blends with the traditions and local flavors of my territory.

Finally, my heart is open to exchanging experiences through meeting and befriending people from different cultures. Hope to see you soon.”
Benvenuti al B&B Piazza Italia

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