Take time to chilllax in Sestri Levante

One of the most beautiful coastlines in the world has got to be that of Italy, from the Italian Riveria starting from Ventimiglia to all the way down to Sicily. Picturesque coastal villages built on the rocky slopes of the mountains, warm pastel colored buildings and the colorful fishing boats docked on the shores, what […]

Looking for love in Italy (Part 1) – Eat, Pray, Love Italy

Ask anyone which is the most romantic city in Europe? Very likely you will not get any names in Italy. This is because this question often conjures up in most people’s minds, the image of a young couple kissing in front of the Eiffel¬†tower. All thanks to successful marketing! However, there are many places in […]

Beautiful Florence (Part 1) – Merchant of Florence

The city of Florence in Italy to me, is one that is like many other typical italian towns , still retains her olden days’ splendor and beauty. But 2 things that separate her from the others are¬†her style and grandeur. THE city of art and history where renaissance started, nowhere else can you find so […]