Cinque … oh! Cinque, Cinque Terre!! Ti amo! (Part 1)

Cinque Terre which means 5 lands is a little paradise comprising of 5 little yet shining jewels in the Ligurian Italian Riveria. Famously known for its splendid views of the Mediterranean sea, limoncello, pesto, terraced hillsides where olives and grapes are cultivated, freshest of seafood, and very friendly locals! Take a walk along the Via […]

Best places to watch sunsets in Italy – Cinque Terre

Has anyone noticed that sunset is usually more brilliant in colors than sunrise? This is because in the evenings, there are more particles in the atmosphere  built up throughout the day, scattering colors that are of longer wavelength that pass through. No wonder this beautiful natural phenomena has captured the hearts of mankind since the beginning of […]